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Shizan Community

Shizan Community follows the story of Iris, who has started her first year at the Shizan LSA College.
Luckily she has her lifelong friend Allison to accompany her in class.
Iris discovers something that will change her life drastically, and turn everything she knew about life upside down.
Issue #1, #2 released.

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The Weird Society Show

The Weird Society Show is a comic based on popular "TV" shows.
It puts 18 contestants together from vastly different political views, and they will have to debate each other, work with each other and do tasks together and against each other to win a grand money prize!
There are "knock out" rounds and the person who performed the worst will be sent home!
TWSS is a satirical comedy that highlights the best and worst of society

Book / In Production


"My name is Matthew Ciska, I am a soldier of the Greater Borne Empire.
We follow the Dragon Empire in their quest to unite the land of Topia, and finally bring an end to the division. I was conscripted to the Borne army as a young boy after the Dragon Empire slaughtered my parents. I have made amends with the past, and I focus on keeping my sister and the citizens of the Greater Borne Empire safe. But for the past few years, states have formed a coalition to fight back against the Dragon Empire.
Even with the Borne Empire rebels started to rise up. Even though I would love nothing more than the Dragon Empire to fall, this is bigger than me. My allegiance lies with the Greater Borne Empire, and I will protect it with my life. This is my story."

Game / On Hold

Listen to my story

Take a seat and become an operator of the Rey Crisis Helpline.
It is your job to try and listen to people, and help them out.

This short story experience takes about 30+ minutes to complete and will be free-to-play.
What will you do?