The Lustful Champion – Devlog #1

With the launch of The Lustful Champion and all the bugs being fixed, work has started on version 1.2.0.

Version 1.2.0 will add a new storyline which is called “The Call for a Savior”.
In this prequel story, you follow events that lead up to the summoning of our main character Jerry.
New characters, new unlockable CG Gallery items and new options will become available to the player.
The biggest change that players will notice is the new style message box to reflect the character that you will be playing more.

The player will have the option to choose between 2 font styles, in case people have trouble reading with one font, or prefer one over the other.

To access the new content once released, players can click on “New Game”, which will lead them to a menu allowing them to pick between the Main Story, or The Call for a Savior story.
To unlock the extra storyline, players must have completed the Main Story at least once.
Those that have completed it prior to the content release, will be able to access the extra storyline right away.

The extra content will be a free update, however there is no launch date or expected date yet.
This content update is a solo effort, and it takes some time.
Thank you for playing the game and giving it a chance, and I hope that you will enjoy the upcoming update.