The Lustful Champion – The first week

Dear players,

It has been a week already since The Lustful Champion launched, and it has been an experience!

Bug fixes and Updates

The game launched with version v1.1.0, and it is currently running at v1.1.3, that means there have been some changes!
We’ve added a “Skip already read” button, with a tutorial on how to correctly use it.
This was a great suggestion by Steam user “geemoneypreppunk” and we are thankful for it!
We’ve also added an “Auto-read” button with a tutorial explaining how it works.

There have also been bugs, especially with “The Calories Game.”
The secret characters wouldn’t unlock, December and Capricorne would be bugged and wouldn’t unlock either.
These small mistakes were fixed the same day we got a heads up about it.
This shows that even if you think that you’ve fixed all the bugs there were, once more people have their hands on the game, they will find bugs that you missed.
Again, we are thankful that people let us know.

We’ve also fixed a small bug found by “3Point Play” and we’ve tweaked some settings with The Calories Game, as some characters would simply be too good at the game to beat.

Future Plans

As of right now, work is being done on a FREE story/content update.
If the update is received well, and people continue to want to see more, then I think it would be safe to say that more content will come.
For now, there are no plans for paid DLC content, and if that changes then a post about it will be made beforehand.