The Lustful Champion – Release coming soon & Update!

Dear readers (and hopefully future players),

The release of The Lustful Champion is coming up this month!
So far we haven’t found reasons for delaying yet, and are working hard to find any bugs and squash them!
What we did notice in the process was that we forgot to include one of the most basic things in a game…
A loading screen!

Thanks to BETA testers and testing the game on lower-end hardware, we discovered that when the game loads, it would just show a black screen and could confuse players as to why the screen stayed black for a few moments.


We are also already working on extra story-related content that shows things from a somewhat different perspective and once that is finished, we will add it as a FREE content update.

While there are always plans to add more content, it is important to wait until we see reviews come in from players so we can fix issues we might have missed and also listen to feedback to make the game better.
It is all very exciting and we hope that those who decide to play the game will enjoy it.

Much love,

-JjustGames & Wetcat Games