The Lustful Champion – Update 1.1.5 Released



  • Changed: Title Screen rotates between different backgrounds now.
  • Changed: CG Gallery and Calories game are now selectable on the Title screen once unlocked under the EXTRA’s menu button
  • Changed: New Game selection now shows Main Story and the upcoming Free storyline “The Call for a Savior”
  • Changed: Settings menu changed, “Return to title screen” bug is now fixed. Settings menu will now rotate between “lore art” pages whenever the menu is opened.
  • Changed: Main Story the first chapter has some changes, making it clear that “California/Amsterdam” that is talked about at the start, is a hyper satirized version in both Dutch and English version.
  • Changed: To reduce loading time between scenes, most of the loading should be done once the game is launched. Slightly longer load time when starting the game, shorter loading time between scenes.
  • Prepared: Framework tested but not visible to players that make animated scenes possible for future content.
  • Added: Title screen now shows the chosen language in the top right corner. Clicking on the flag brings you to the language choice menu.
  • Added: “Skip read” tutorial and “Auto text” tutorials added to the EXTRA menu so people can rewatch them if needed.
  • Fixed: “Genital Jumpscare” bug fixed. Playing in censored mode, would sometimes show the genital CG of “Aloe” for no reason. Fixed and squashed.

This update is approx 1GB in size due to pre-loading of some systems and assets for the 1.2.0 update that will bring in a whole new story, and extra content.
The reason I chose to do this, is because of the fact that Version 1.2 will be a pretty big free content update, and this way the players don’t have to download a huge chunk in one go.

The Title screen has now been changed, the original title screen could flicker, which could be an issue for those that are sensitive to flickering lights.
The Title screen menu has also been altered to make the CG Gallery and Calories Game easier to access once you’ve unlocked them.
The Title screen now also shows the flag of the language you’ve chosen in the top right corner. You can click on it to return to the language selection menu.

Once you click on “New Game”, you will now see two options (only one is available at this time).
“The Call for a Savior” and “Main Story”.

Issues within the settings menu have also been resolved, the settings menu has been adjusted a bit as well.

Animated test scenes have been loaded into the game, but can not be accessed by players.
The reason they have been put in, is simply to test out if animated scenes can work without issue which are planned for the 1.2.0 content update.

You can now re-check the tutorials on how the “Skip Read” and “Auto Text” buttons work by clicking on the EXTRA button.

Fixed the issue where some players who play the game in “censored” mode, could get an accidental “genital jumpscare”. The bug here is that the uncensored image of Aloe’s genitals could randomly pop up on screen for no reason for players in the “censored mode”.
While it sounds funny, I can understand that players who play the “censored” mode, play so for a reason.
This issue however is extremely rare and would only happen to players with a bugged save file from v1.0.
All players from v1.1 and onward would be safe from this bug. (This only affected BETA testers)