The Lustful Champion: Status, Steam, Gamepad support

Hello there!

The Lustful Champion has reached 1.0 status, which means it’s finished!
There are some setbacks, however.

Steam Adults Only Rating

The game has been hit with the “Adults Only” rating, which is a huge bummer!
The Lustful Champion was created with a “comedy-first” approach, meaning that sexual content was always a second priority but never the main one.
The reason why we are bummed out by the Adults Only rating is that it gives off the impression that the game was made as a porn game, which is not what we were aiming for.
We are looking into what we could do to the game so that we might get another review, but we don’t want to compromise the game itself.
While avoiding the dreaded Adults Only rating would be great, if we have to choose between compromising our game or just rolling with an Adults Only rating, then we prefer to go AO.
Many games that have a comedy-first approach and a “sexual content second” approach have been able to make their case with Steam and avoid the Adults Only rating, for example House Party by EekGames (which has been an inspiration to the Lustful Champion in some ways so check them out if you havent!.) The Sakura game franchise by Winged cloud and probably the biggest inspiration of them all Bron’s Quest!

Whatever we decide to do, we will fully and 100% respect Steam’s decision, it is their platform and to be on it, we must fully respect their will and wishes, and we are fully committed to do so!

Steam Store Delay

Due to us getting hit with the Adults Only rating by Steam, it has caused delays to our Steam Store.
We will decide within the upcoming weeks what we decide to do.
While we rather not launch with an AO rating, it would still be better than not launching at all.
We would’ve loved if there was a “Mature” rating on Steam because we do 100% believe the game would be rated as such, but as we said before it is what it is!
We are cleaning up the Steam store and making it look presentable, all we hope is that when we launch the game whether it be with the current rating or other, we just hope people that decide to pick it up will enjoy it.

Gamepad Support!

Thanks to the amazing people that work at Steam, we have figured out through their help how we could implement Gamepad support to the game!
While a Visual Novel style game is not played with a Gamepad that often, we did decide to add this support for a few reasons.

  • Some people play “Bigscreen only” much like a console, this way they won’t have to switch style.
  • To make it more accessible for those who for whatever reason (medical or otherwise) can’t play games with a mouse and keyboard
  • Because why not?

Those are our reasons, and we are proud to have gamepad support!

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, we hope to update you more soon!

-Wetcat Games & JjustGames